Friday, October 30, 2009



IT’S MY LIFE  -   Poetries by    Ganesh padmanabhan

About the Book :

Thinking back on the life of school days, college days, life as a student, first love and the unforgettable experiences of childhood, at the age of a youth are pleasant. “It’s my life” are a collection of 65 poems on childhood memories and college day’s memories.

All the incidents are true and are not imaginary. These Poetries were written after the author came back from college education. The poetries are sad, emotional, natural and true. The book is of sentimental type.


Everybody calls me a crazy guy.

But I am actually a lazy guy.

All I want is the best

Lot many occasions I adjust

Justice is what I believe

Across non-sense I Just leave

Happy day's when I was a kid

Thinking of it opening my eye lid

Playing all through my life

Tears were part of my life

Doing whatever I wanted was a freedom

I was a head without a greedom

Who knows who can make a guy crack

Never follow in my track.


Floating memories of the good old school

Walking to it holding grandmas finger very cool

The basics taught there used as a life’s fuel

Truly the thought of it touches the soul

Incidents of stealing the chalk

Always as a boy who never talk

Riding a wooden horse

Never knowing what I would come across

In the school competition I was a lawyer

But what I did, was talking a photo with mayor

In the morning was there a Prayer

During the Lunch I open the carrier

In the sports I was the third

Those were the days as free as a bird

Years have gone leaving sweet memories

behind of the school

A B C D is just not what we

learnt from that school।


It was in a convent, where I was a drop at

Later Joined in a holy school, for me to crop out

When I pass by it, I check out

It was while I studied there, where my sixth sense stuck out

The event I never missed, was the morning prayer

The event I miss now, has formed in me a layer

With mischief acts we were a penalty payer

And the classes were very much sower

Was never allowed to touch holy books

An age which made searching for cool looks

In the school ground playing cricket we hook

A few Books were all that we took

It was in the Lunch break our expeditions start

We were friends who were five, are now apart

Just like our sitting, our studies were in last

But our friendship is the one that’s going to last।


Wishing always to go back to school

This is true and not to fool

Me and my mind were so cool

Learning to convert the life as a tool

(People’s life has become a mania

Life is not a soccer to support romania

Save this world everybody say “Doneya”

People go crazy even without a Bunya

There were a lot of mystery, along with History

The history teacher was always the best’ry

During the exam what he did was a mislead

One way to learn, is what I learnt from his lead

Lot of maps were there in Geography

That was as good as a biography

Found there was a thrill in Photography

Flowing everywhere now is Pornography

Run-away is equal to the word maths

When it comes to understanding it never match

Putting down an opponent with a catch

Let’s all say together on war “PATCH”


Everyday, at 8’clock, in the morning

It’s a moment, to go to school, yawning

After, a routine, washing and bathing

Carrying, a load of books and walking

Standing, in the bus-stop, everyday

Testing, the patience on a healthy day

Some-days, I used to, stand alone

As alone as an Island, called Ceylon

Coming heavy and full, the bus, used to pass

Betting myself, and waiting with a coin toss

A little mischief, I came across

An old conductor, whom yesterday, I came across

A lot of occasions, I went, late

What they did, in school was, closing the gate

No other way, I still had, to wait

A lesson, I can never forget, till this date.


Walking by, along the shopping lane

Holding in my heart all the pain

Never knowing, suddenly started to rain

The blue clouds started closing the sun shine

I always had loved to walk in the foot path

Trouble some problem get solved in that path

A warning is that you may get a pat

If you’re lucky you can also chat

Watching the things thru’ a window show case

The walking was in a slow pace

Watching the bikes riding in a pace

Until I suddenly came across an innocent face

Lighting a cigarette I went acres

The beauties were drinking with the straws

Oh! Oh! Oh! She was a sauce

Before leaving I had a pause.


Pedaling, the cycle is a real good

Whenever, you get, out of mood

All we need, is a bit of balance

In, the traffic Jam, a bit of tolerance

A warm exercise, when, you freeze

And, when you want to escape, into the breeze

Never, need to be a macho, like Bruce

It can turn, as a vehicle, for cruise

Can travel, on, ups and down

Watching them, who wear, midi’s and Gowns

Ride, searching for a girl, who is brown

Ride and get anywhere, without a crown

Turn, the wheel, with the heel

Stop, the city craze, of the reel

Let’s together, get into a deal

It’s just that, what I, feel.


Loving riding on a Bicycle

Opening it’s lock is a chickle

Riding up and down on sand and Kal

Slipping and falling will end breaking the fall

Open the lock and start riding

Unknown places comes out of hiding

Exploring the city with this bike

Can always give you a knowledge like

Check out the tyres for the air

It’s a travels spending without a fare

While riding in the by-pass never dare

Else we end up on road without care

Balance is all one needs

Justice is the one that it breeds

If you are careful it is a servant

If you lose the hold it is a serpent.


Watching my friends riding the bike

Always wanted to learn cycle which I like

No one was around to teach me ride

Feeling sick my mind dried

Came a messenger who taught me

Holding the cycle seat he chased me

I quickly started learning

The wound when I fell was burning

Went round and round Just riding

Around the place where I was residing

Riding the cycle was a pleasure

Never waiting a moment of leisure

The memories of old days is a treasure

Sometimes on something triggers the pressure

A ride on a dull day makes you fresher

Enjoy riding, then you get a real picture


A night Journey in the train

A different experience of life on the train

A cool way riding piercing the rain

Nothing to do with the brain

A happy traveling in the Railway coach

Making friends inside with a good approach

Can ever find a few cockroach

Can never forget the life in coach

A travel in night, lasts in mind

Meeting new people some bad and some kind

The old days travel now come in mind

These experience are very rare to find

Traveling in train is a great thing

When you have more money you never think

You just are going to fly along with the wing

A satisfaction is all that you bring.


Packing the bag and books on this day

Expecting eagerly for this day

Took the train ticket in the purse

Changing myself into a good dress

I’m traveling today in a night train

Prayed to Lord in the shrine

Everyone works hard for the grain

Luck is needed to lift called the Life crane

A berth in train is not a guarantee

The life in train has no warantee

Half the way traveling by steam

All this journey is never enough to dream

Everyone sits and waits for the train

I was waiting for it on one leg like a crane

When the train stopped I got in

A safe journey is what everybody want in.


Traveling tonight by a train

The pleasure in traveling is very main

The feeling in travel is very fine

Wishing to keep the moments in mine

Travel mood is good to feel

With stomach full after a meal

A little bit of wine adds to the deal

The occasions makes one fall into heel

Although the money in pocket is limited

The merry it gives us is unlimited

Happiness in life is never committed

Still nobody in earth is omitted

The train comes into the platform

Can watch people in platform in different

This train converts the cool night little warm

Riding in night train always is a little charm.


A night Journey in the train, man

For which always where I ran

Packing the bags I’m always ready

Where you can do some life study

Saying Good-bye to everyone

For going to meet some one

Locking the home with a lock

All for a travel over the rock

It is a journey on a track

Learning life which is a mystery track

Sometime from someone the puzzle may crack

If somebody is now they call him crack

If a part, side of a track is male

Another side of a track is female

And woods on it is a life

When, ride over the track why a wife.


Waiting for the train to arrive

Testing the patience to drive

A lot many things arrives, when you derive

Even after mid-night beggars are awake to survive

A night journey in train has a pulse

The Railway station is old and call it Palasu

People roaming here and there without sleep

Someday, someone will come to make India leap.

The cigar in hand keeps melting like mist

The ticket is safe inside the fist

Looking for my name in the reservation list

Eureka, I got a berth that’s a twist

It was better, when found a berth confirm

But how better is it without a sleep confirmed

Sleep is necessary when you close your eyes

Wanted to say it after all the byes


I’ve got a ticket to home

After spending 3 years away from home

A good-bye to him and a good-bye to her

eurekha, Just with kindness make anybody dear

A plate of food was always there

A room-mate was always there to share

Mischief is the one we never dare

Just what we did were console and care

When the exams were over he just left

My ideas always had a theft

The room when I packed was empty

In the college, I was a dumpty

The room had an aroma of study

For anything and many thing it was ready

A lot many times it turned dready

Forgetting all, and going home steady.


It’s a morning train

It’s an Electric train

What’s coming was rain

Water, moving into the drain

On the move, through the window

Could still, see the peoples shadow

The houses went, across like a sparrow

Everything was quiet, sleeping in a borrow

As the move goes, the night lamps, moved

On the roads, the street lamps, moved

One Grandpa, gaped, as he walked

He was sturdy and stiff, as he tapped

A Grandma was pumpkin fat

Guessed, she must be, afraid of rat

People, in night train, sleep like cat

Experiencing the night life, like a bat.


I’m traveling to-night, by a midnight train

It’s a co-incidence, in the noon, to have a rain

It clashes, with crow and sparrow marry in

Had a hair-cut and a shave

Freshness was what that it gave

Something which made me neive

Going to travel home with the money I save

The clock was today running slow

My eyes in the mirror had a glow

Heart-beat was fast and was ready to blow

The rain-water in the street had a flow

Feelings of going to my home

The soap in the bath today gave a lot of foam

A thunder came down creating a fear

Canceling the Journey is the one I could never bear.


All alone living in a room, dreaming

Drinking the life till last, screaming

Knowing the people around, creaming

Never knowing the meaning for cleaning

A rotten smell always stuck around

There was no money, whenever I look around

Searching for something that was not around

Only walls were there to save around

Food was there, so stomach was full

But life was cruel, flying alone like a sea gull

Never interested to be legal

At the end of anything, life is a null

There is always a second way

For anything be it any

Just not one but many

Think and you can carry money in a Gunny.


Just want to know what is a college

Generally everybody comes here for knowledge

It’s a connection for job as a bridge

But many use it, as cool as a fridge

When I Joined it I was a raw

Studies I could never take in with a straw

One thing admire when people draw

Another, the weak point is the fro

The gate is the place where we sit

Watching the future, just a wit

The basketball court was a loving point

Always was there a pair in Joint class

The beauty of the view from our class room was good

That was what intake I could think I could

Although I ended up with a Degree

It was never up to the degree.


It’s all about the walls, that’s around me

Facing it day and night, that surround me

Talking to it and getting the mad out of me

In the end, it stroke the love in me

Entering the room in a Dual way

Giving reasons to think away

Out of peoples manners in a filthy way

Searching for these thoughts to dry away

It’s hot outside, I get cold inside

I’m hot inside with in the room beside

Lot many hurdles to get to good side

Visiting the Paradise Just in bedside

The tube-light be-loves to give the light

Language barrier was the cause of fight

Raise the fire called desire in the night

Changing the manners turn’s man delight.


The day I saw the room decided it was mine

The thought of studying there was very fine

Settling the cash entered into it with a bash

But what I learned in the 3 years will be a dash

The surroundings looked just a village

A few minutes walk and can reach the college

Those were the days of my teenage

Without knowing the language I could manage.

The room was sometimes dark

The dogs around there used to bark

Some day’s felt very restless

Where only half the year was mist less

It was a place where I read and forgot

Three years was never smooth like a Peaugot

It was a place where I went to learn

Degree and life was what I took back in return.


Sitting and munching back, my old day’s

It was a part good and bad day’s

My Roommates were from Pune and Bihar

All I could afford myself was food and cigar

Alway’s felt the other guy to be sharp

Felt a rat in den drop by drop

With him the room was an intelligent furnace

The steam he created was a real menace

What I did do you know in return

Piled the books and did just turn and turn

What I did should have turned him crazy

He left the room and I felt freezy

That guy really switched me on to think

It was he who taught me to link.

Whenever I see him I look him a brain

Thank you and long live was what I prayed in shrine.


I was there sitting alone in a room

Never cleaned up even when there was a broom

Living in a village as a paying guest

The people around there were so best to trust

Used to be awake till late in the night

It was very lonely with just a book in sight

Throughout the night the light was on, I kept

The light was on even when I slept

Always felt a little away from everybody

Was missing some one, waited for that somebody

Also made friends a lot, it was anybody

But at the end of my studies, I had nobody.

The neighbor was as good as a home

Need a whole song to tell about my Room

It was a luxury away from home

They were the Romans, a Rome away from Rome.


It is the end of another day

Nothing much about which, I can say

Brushing and bathing, in the same way

Never finding a hope, looking sun’s ray

Oh! This life is very much boring

Without hunting for a girl for marrying

Doesn’t mind even if she’s not stunning

But my love for her has a meaning

Same old breakfast, lunch and Dinner

Don’t stare, I realize, I am a sinner

What is with me, I am not funny

Eureka, peace can never be bought with money

Thinking, Thinking with eyes kept, blinking

With my hands on life, clinging

Munching the last bit taste of life, chewing

Swimming in the net, laughing.


Lot many nights, and a lot many days

Spending, the moments, in different ways

It’s the Rythm in the heart, that pave the way

For, the walls around me, to drop rules away

Staring, through the, window Grill

That, gives the mind, a cool shrill

A, mechanical thinking makes life drill

Giving, a waving mind, a real thrills

Sitting, in a corridor, waiting for what

The beauty in life, can never be bought

It’s just the happiness the thing to be sought

Going back again, consoling, that’s what, everybody sought

Penniless and empty, where can I get

It’s only in dream, that I think and I get

Just tensed, to know things to whatever I get

Even, if at all you own, what do you get.


It was a cold night

As cold as an Ice

It was a little breezy

The body was getting freezy

An overcoat made me little warm

I’ve come to the city away from the farm

Alway’s enjoyed the night for its calm

The girl’s in the night look a little move charm

The head-lights of vehicles gives me Irritation

Love to walk around in the city to find the situation

Finding people hiding in the overcoat’s over them

Trying to hide their cold heart within them

Everyone were busy shopping and partying

Some were busy in a short time mating

At a corner in the dark a little girl called

I went past her saying Good-night

adding, I’ve already crossed.


Always feeling the nights to be fine

Would be more lovely with a girl and wine

Finding something more in it than a day sun-shine

Always wanted to own the whole night mine

In an evening, as the sun goes down

Along with that, the tense life, goes down

From there, emerges the dream, stars and moon up

There emerges, an universe above the head, right up

A temporary end from the noise and pollution

Relieving ourselves from the world as a temporary solution

Such a beauty a heaven in front of our eyes

It is best to be felt then heard because it is so nice

Sleep is what they think when heard a Good night

But many are not aware of a beauty after mid-night

A shadow life is there hiding in night

It’s result is twice than that of bright sun-light.


She was a girl I wanted to hook.

Who always was found holding the book

My heart was what that she shook

She broke my heart with her look

Just love is what that I had

She may know that I am bad

When I miss her have I feel sad

My love for her rides me mad

Loving the way the way she went

What I want right now is her talk

She used her eyes and made my heart knock

She is Priya who is inside a lock

For you this is the end the love has slept

But deep in my heart awake is a place where my love is kept

You killed my love and you thought it died

With your love someday I’ll make you my bride


Searching for my dream lover

Hey Globe Please show her

Tensely soaking in the shower

Slowly losing the body power

You are a Flying kite

In my mind ringing day and night

Never take my love as light

Love is never over with a bite

I never knew the love talk tackle

I always felt her as a miracle

She was always good at chuckle

It was like eating a pickle

She was very sick with my Jokes

Alway’s reminds me the promise on cokes

Flat I went with her look

Loving the rotten in me then the Sardarji’s book.


Little inside deep in my heart

I can feel the love thirst

Simulating moments on your thought

Loving you has always been first

A love card was all that I could get

Sending my love to you along

Feeling to ask you haven’t you loved me yet

It’s decided in me that it’s me who you belong

A word from your mouth is all

That needs to make me go crazy

A whisky look from your eyes is all

That needs to turn me freezy

Your every act gives me an impact

Your love is too heavy in my heart I’m falling on my knees

Believe me my heart has two heartbeats

one for you and one for me

So, Quick quick fall in love with me


It was a love at first sight

Sitting in the bus at a window seat

She was there standing on the other end of the road

She hit a sixer on my have score board

Her face was a gel, she was winning

I was freezed, She was stunning

When the bus moved she was away moving

Let’s blast, even a Diamond mine to make her mine

Hey my love never bother

May be someday I will come togather

You and me shall rule together

You are as good as this cold weather

Wait for that day so that I tap

My love for you is riding my mind before the hap

How do you want me I will be a changed chap

My love for you is ripe right now then why a gap.


It was you who came out a winner

During the moments in the candle light dinner

It all happened very much sooner

It was all I liked about your manner

You were a wave in the light

Whatever you do I feel it to be right

The globe in your presence felt quiet

A Paradise angel in front of my sight

The distance between us was very much near

With you in front half was all I could hear

How can I prove you how much you were dear

If at all I tell you, you can never bear

The way we dined made me cheer

Not a surprise that my love for you is queer

Feeling sorry that this dinner ended with your tear

Relax tears are these that makes love strong enough to tear


My sweet heart wishing you beside

Every home is there for us to reside

I leave my love for you to decide

Pity people who believe the good side

This life for us is a test

Within me you are best and not a guest

Take a moment and think of it Just

May be we may float in the dust

My love for you made me a human

If I hold you I may become a Hee-man

That day is not very far from today

Come to me as early as possible

My love solution will be very much favorable

Hope and will make it non-miserable

And shall see to it, to be tolerable


Sitting alone in the beach

Dreaming alone for things out of my reach

Listening to my heart which teach

Crying over the friends who ditch

My eyes wandering here and there

Searching for a soul wanted for care

All my feelings searching for a rare

A girl who must make old my life a nightmare

Who is she who can really dare

Not necessary that she should be fair

Looking me just a human dropping my hair

Then come to me, my heart will make you priceless there

It’s the Love, Just pure Love

You may wish to ask me now?

Look into my eyes right now

You will fall in Love, you sow I Bow.


Hey lover, riding in the bypass

Why don’t you come into my heart

Let’s prepare to hide, with a escape chart

Be patient and give it a thought

Love for you is over flowing

Just like a sun which keeps glowing

With sweet and hot, it’s a mixture

Whenever I see you, I become a fixture

From the day, when I saw you

I got frozen with my love for you

And my dream is to marry you

All I know that, is I care for you

Hey sweet girl, your eyes are cherry

When I see you, I’m in a merry

Let us both travel in a ferry

Why don’t you soon answer this query?


Where are you, babe, where are you

Just give me a hint I’ll search for you

A unique choice to turn to you

It’s true, If I know I will walk in to you

What are you, babe, what are you

If you are a nurse I shall pursue

Whatever you may be I’ll take you

During Laugh and Cry I’ll be there with you

How are you, babe, How are you

Just fine is not enough from you

Just thinking, makes me closer to you

Round the clock waiting in my heart, is here for you

Who are you, babe, who are you

One thing is what I wanted to ask you

What do you really want my heart or heartbeat

It’s true, that, both are there for you.


When the mind get sick, I just sit

Thinking the events, bit by bit

May be for you, it may be a wit

Deep in me, my love for you is lit

I may get you or not

It’s all up to you to chart

But it’s sure I will make you my part

Leaving the puzzle to you to have it sort

They are many like me, many a lot

And you may ask my Love as what

My love for you is more than this & that

My full heart is for you, that’s what I got

A Lot of things I have for you

A crazy lot thinking of you

This is not Just another Love for you

All my Love is just meant for you.


Cute angel, of my dream

Searching for you, in the globe

I scream for you, where are you

Come and Join me, my Love is for you

I start my dreams everyday yesterday

And dreaming of you till today

Forgetting you not a day

Love in my heart has no holiday

Loving you, may be wrong or right

Willing to see you, in front of my sight

Without you my heart is never quiet

Missing you and leaving you is a cyanide bite

I was never melted, other than you

Never leave me, you’re safe in my heart

Talk and Take your love, attention

My love for you is not a pretension.


You were standing beside the door

That sent me an arrow into my heart core

It crossed my Love fence for four

That sent me a love message which I already bore

Whenever across when I watch you

Feel I can never catch you

How do you feel if I wanted to match you

It is not easy as you think to latch you

So you dare to store at my eyes

Now I am trapped like mice

So you have now thrown a dice

Do you really know, I am never nice

Never knew you what you are

Now wishing to know you how you are

Are you ready for care and share

You are one in a million a real rare.


Wondering the meaning of Love

Multiple meaning comes out how

Depending on people results show

From the heart wanted to know

Can love come out of a plan

Can it appear out of a dress clap

Does it just stop with women & man

It it’s result same as a tan

To what extent can it change

Beginning till end what is the range

It is really necessary can it change

Do you really need to spend all your change

What exactly do you need to have

If at all you fall in Love who will save

Can it change the way you behave

Or is it a beard ending & over with a shave.


It was you who sowed the Love

But, asking me for reasons right now

It is not fare to ask me how

For the Love heat for you is on now

Your message for me has reached

Love me not , was what it preached

One move towards you and sense stopped & screeched

Loving you will become the policy breached

When you walk, my heart started to Rock

Along with a little girl in a Frock

You had your own Road followed a track

Feeling my love, you made a Joke crack

Just your thought, made you my lover

Situations made me to put love a cover

Wishing to give you my love shower

Settle in my heart, leave me never.


Hey girl, I really miss you

My love for you made me guess you

A floating heart to me, was given by you

And a woken up night was the result of my love for you.

Never knew where it went wrong

You were in the anger looked very strong

When you spoke hurting, it as a song

Getting back you is what I long

I see you, in you Just Love

Come back to me before I leave

Let your heart speak just allow

Anger hides the layer called love below

Time may help change your heart

Believe in the love that can never be bought

My whole self is for you give a thought

Come back to me and I will give a close knot.


Hey everybody, my heart is for sale

It will give you a tale as big as a whale

Listening to it will make you pale

Love will be there everywhere without fail

She had a curl who was a girl

Who was as pure to me as a pearl

Playing were we under a grill

Later we parted over a brawl

How can one forget her tigress walk

Who was always there inside a lock

Always waited for her to appear at 8’clock

She was always away from the flock

Deep inside is there she in my heart

Till the end my love raise high without a start

Before the day when we were about to part

Gave my love to her to remember the part.


What to do? What to do?

Thinking of the thing, what to do?

The thing is what everybody calls LOVE

The heart and body Just surrenders to it with a bow

What to do? What to do?

Leave me, Leave me is as same as who to do

Here is my heart that beats for you, sure

Join me before my heart drops it’s power

Why to do? Why to do?

The love can travel as a vehicle

My love for you has no reason as why

Come here to me before Good-bye

How to do? How to do?

This is asking the heart to remove

Wanted to move the love from my heart to you

I hope can find a million Dollar Love in you.


This is another lovely Rainy day

Coming to us from the clouds all the way

“Loving the rain” is what that makes us say

It’s the coolness which makes it “Love the way”

As the rain comes, dust goes up

As the rain drops down, the spirit lifts up

And down the rain, clears the brain

The dirty brain is cleared of the strain

An event when we remember an Umbrella

A heart searches for a Cinderella

Completing the life cycle as a Parabola

Enjoying it getting wet and drinking a mixed cola

Nothing unusual for a cattle

But for the poor it is a battle

Searching a dry place, they shuttle

A real problem their outcome is little.


It feels good, Smoking in the rain

The sorrows in mind, temporally goes in drain

It’s all about it’s feeling

Pleasant memories arrives peeling

Searching for something in the rain drops

Just trying to cover the tear drops

Bringing out the good from Illusion

The situation is good to get any solution

Living to non-living thing gets cleaned up

The occasion makes jobs wind up

The period to break the groundnuts up

The coolness strikes the heat up

People in the hut get fed up

Anybody in sleep own never get up

It’s a sorrow for the poor

Where the rich just closes the door.


Here my Love for you is solid

How can you make it Invalid

Just within my heart it is lid

Its only for you it is being emptied

Enter into my heart with your love

It’s all for you, you can have a go

What made you to have over me a row

Until it beats, love for you will grow

All you need is a touch of innocence

Before you come I can feel your effervescence

Already exploited for a few cents

Life even when temporary still rules the sense

Wanted to knew for why and what, a tense

My tears will help your love, Just rinse

The good and bad always have a mix

Some day and in some way going to watch the wins.


Lonely, Lonely, Lonely

I feel very much lonely,

Age keeps climbing, and

My life keeps on going

Sun keeps on Rising

Sun keeps on setting

And the ladder, to my heart

Is always there for you to climb

I may look like Devil

I may act like a monster

But when I see you, what, feel is

It’s that heart beat, which beats faster

What a life, what a life

Yesterday was very happy

Today is very much better

Until you come to join me, there is no, no Tomorrow.


“Looking for life” is a sad sorry. It’s about a man called Joe who starts to think whatever he comes across. He is honest and finds irritated when he comes across nonsense. He fights and ends up to get isolated. He feels sand and is “Looking for life”.

1. Once upon a time

down the street

there lived Joe

Looking for life

2. Joe was short and strong

Joe’s hairs were long

Joe was happy and witty

and was perfect in his duty.

1. Once upon a time

down the street

there lived Joe

Looking for life

3. Everything was fine

until one day

when all things changed

in his way

4. He started Questioning

on what he saw

He started worrying

on the natures law

5. Joe was frank and honest

Joe was nice and good

Joe never liked to lie

Joe was a proud man

1. Once upon a time

down the street

there lived Joe

Looking for life

6. He had a drunkard neighbor

Who yells when he is drunk

He had a stupid neighbor

Who calls him only when he is in hell

7. The supermarket guy

is a cheat

who always doubles

the price of wheat

8. His friend Tom

tricks the girls

His friend Sam

cheats the girls

1. Once upon a time

down the street

there lived Joe

Looking for life

9. It’s a wicked world

was what Joe thought

Joe Just kicked

whoever he caught

10. He fought and fought

and was fighting always

He had a doubt if

God was watching always

1. Once upon a time

down the street

there lived Joe

Looking for life

11. When the sun was down

Joe was on his bed

Tears rolled down his eyes

and his eyes were damp

12. I wanted to shout

what’s up man

I wanted to shout

wake up man

I wanted to shout

why man

I wanted to shout

It’s over man

13. Joe had no-one to talk to

Joe had no-one to cry on

Joe had no-one to love with

Joe had no-one to care for

1. Once upon a time

down the street

there lived Joe
looking for life


“It’s all about me” is a said song. It’s about a honest guy who got dejected with the society. He cries and goes crazy. He sings at that peak.


1. Memories of Kidding

comes out of my mind

and hit’s my ears

2. Just be honest

Just speak the truth

Just study to think

Just write with ink

is all I know

3. Because he has riches

He goes with riches

I know he is wrong

Let the gun go bang

1. Memories of kidding

comes out of my mind

and hit’s my ears

4. I don’t like

Jealousy and cheating

My dear friend

5. There are a lot of things

I don’t like

I just said it

and that’s not wrong

6. There’s no way

I know, There’s no way

To stop my cry

before and now

1. Memories of kidding

comes out of my mind

and hit’s my ears

7. People took my days

My good old days

My dreams broke away

People took it away

8. My heart is cool

and I’m not a fool

I just follow the rule

and Never ride a mule

9. Now I wonder

the sense around me

I just see

the wound on me

10. The Pain kill’s me man

The ache’s poking me man

I run and run

and end up in a den

1. Memories of kidding

comes out of my mind

and hit’s my ears

11. When I walk

on the path

I just think to

Pity the world

12. I’m full of love

before and now

13. What the hell


Now that

I am wet

I don’t know

what happened

1. Memories of kidding

comes out of my mind

and hit’s my ears

14. I’m not angry

Nor I’ have worry

speak in front of me

and stop the racing

15. I lost my smile

and when I think of it while

I take a walk, for a mile

I want to put a case and file

16. Sleepless night’s

Gazing day’s

Beer’s and wine’s

Smokes and dust’s

I got them Because of you.

1. Memories of kidding

comes out of my mind

and hit’s my ears

17. Down in my heart

I can feel the pain

I know my life’s

going down the drain

18. Character is the thing

It’s just a thing

Check if it’s there

If it’s there -

You’ll speak dear

1. Memories of kidding

comes out of my mind

and hit’s my ears.

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